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How To Pick The Right Domain Name

A common practice to startup an online business is to begin with finding a hosting plan. The plan chosen is usually determined by the cost of the plan. That method may be reasonable, but it's not practical. Inphase suggests another way.

Get Started Off Correctly

  1. Start with your website design first
  2. Then choose your domain name
  3. After that, you can choose your hosting plan

Having your website design completed first generates good ideas for the right name and prevents one from choosing a name too hastily. It makes you think and plan for your online business.

Choose A Domain Name That Has Value

You should choose a domain name that will add value to your business. Things that add value to your name are:

The forgoing list is not sorted in any relevance of importance. And, more-than-likely, you will not be able to incorporate everyone of them into your domain name. The more you can incorporate increases the value of your domain name.

Follow A Good Process

Inphase recommends this process sequence to get your business on line:

  1. Plan out your website goals and requirements
  2. Design your website according to your requirements
  3. Choose a domain name with value
  4. Register your domain name
  5. Acquire hosting for your website
  6. Publish your website to the Web

Registering Your Domain Name with Inphase

For this example, the domain name "" is selected.

  1. Enter your first name choice in the domain search window above
  2. Select the TLD you want to use (example, select .com)
  3. Click the "Go" button
  4. Enter your second name choice in the window if the first choice is unavailable
  5. Enter the characters in the window to verify you are not a robot
  6. Click the "Lookup" button
  7. Repeat Steps 1-5 until you find a name that is available
  8. Click the 'Order now" button when you find a name that you like and is available
  9. Follow the instructions on the remaining pages to complete the order

Inphase makes it easy for you and will let you obtain a domain name and hosting plan on the same order.

How To Order Your Domain Name

  1. Simply add the name you desire into the address bar as one word
  2. Select the TLD (dot com, etc.) you want from the drop-down list
  3. Click "Go."

It will take you to another window, showing if the name is available to register. If so, you can register it with Inphase from that page. If not, it will allow you to continue searching until you find a suitable name that is available.

Need help? Call Inphase at 682-300-9010 or email with your request and Inphase will create you an account, place your order for you, and email you an invoice where you can complete the payment process.

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