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Website Tools Policy

Table of Contents


Overview of Inphase Tools Agreement

This Agreement governs Customer’s use of Inphase Website tools or 3rd party software service.

The Website Tools Policy is part of the Inphase Website Hosing & Design Policies of which the AUP governs the use of our website or websites. The Website Tools Policy does not intend to contradict, ignore, nor circumvent the AUP. Nor does the AUP intend to contradict, ignore, or circumvent the Website Tools Policy.

By using Inphase Website Hosting & Design domain services, either by means of this website or by any other means, the customer enters into an agreement with Inphase and becomes bound by this policy.


Definition of Policy Terms

Inphase Website Hosting & Design may be referred to as we, our, us, company, or Inphase. Our customers may be referred to by terms as you, your, client, customer or user.

This policy may be referred to as policy, agreement, or contract.


Descripton of Website Tools

Website tools are scripts and third party software to make your website dynamic. These tools and scripts are open source and provided by cPanel, the leading webhosting control panel.

As opensource, they are free, but may have associated costs involved. For example, a software program that provides ecommerce may need a merchant account that requires a cost.


Ordering Website Tools

Website tools may be ordered via the clients control panel or submitting a Trouble Ticket, making a request for the tool.

These tools are installed on the hosting server, enabling them to work with your website. They also are provided with their own control panels, by the authors of the software.


Lawful Use of Website Tools

The customer agrees to use Inphase hosting products and services, including any use of third party software, in compliance with applicable law and Inphase’s Acceptable Use Policy which is hereby referenced in this agreement. 

The customer agrees that Inphase may, in its reasonable commercial judgment consistent with industry standards, amend the AUP and this policy from time to time to further detail or describe reasonable restrictions and conditions on your use of the products and services. 

Amendments to the AUP and the Website Tools Policy are effective on the earlier of Inphase’s notice to you that an amendment has been made, or the first day of any Renewal Term that begins subsequent to the amendment. Notice may be made by email or posting on the website.

You agree to cooperate with Inphase’s reasonable investigation of any suspected violation of the Website Tools Policy. In the event of a dispute between Inphase and the customer regarding the interpretation of this policy, Inphase’s commercially reasonable interpretation of Inphase Website Hosting & Design Policies shall govern.


Payments for Website Tools

The website tools provided through cPanel are opensource, meaning they are free. When you signup and install a tool, you do not own the tool, but receive a license to use the software.

Any charges made by third parties are paid directly to the party, not Inphase.

Inphase has the right to charge for installation and setup fees if the client secures those services from Inphase.


Suspension/Termination of Website Tools

Website tools (thrid party software) are controled by the authors and publishers of the software. They have their own set of policies and/or acceptable use agreements.

Inphase may suspend or terminate a client's account if it finds the use of the tool in violation of any appliciple laws or in disagreement with Inphase AUP.


Disclaimer to Hosting Policy

Inphase does not gurantee nor make any promises that using any third party software porogram will guarantee any visitors will view the client's website or any monetary success will be achieved from the client's website.

Websites are static html coded web pages and styled with CSS rules. They must have other scripts, coding languages, and/or thrid party software to make them dynamic. They are subject to good marketing practices and must be promoted to make Internet users aware of them. There are many factors that work together to make a website successful.



Entire Understanding of Domain Name Services

Inphase desires and attempts to provide the best hositng services for the client, helping the client to have a successful online business. But Inphase cannot be held responsible for any neglect or misuse of those services by the client or any other user of the services.


If you have any questions about any of our policies, please contact



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