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Web Script Tools

Web scripts enable you to achieve a particular purpose for your website. And these are preinstalled on your hosting server when you host your domain with Inpahse. All you have to do is click the tool and use it.

The tool box is arranged under the following panels that are similar to the windows in your Developer's Control Panel (cPanel). Your control panel windows can be moved and arranged as you desire. On this page, they are stationary and arranged alphebetically and not by any priority or importance.

Click on the panel of the tool you want to learn more about. We offer a short description of it. You must have an active hosted account with Inphase before you can use a demo.

Click the tool icon to order Tool Installation Fee.


Advanced Tools

Advanced are tools that are mostly used by programmer or developer enthusiasts who look for advanced features as:

  • Apache Handlers: control how the Apache web server software manages certain file types and extensions for your site.
  • Image Manager: allows you to view and modify images in your account.
  • Index Manager: allows you to customize the way in which visitors view a directory on the web.
  • Error Pages: inform visitors about problems with your site.
  • Cron Jobs: allow you to automate certain commands or scripts in your cPanel account.
  • Network Tools: allow users to find information about any domain.
  • Virus Scanner: scans your webiste, mail, and FTP for problems.
  • MIME Types: instruct browsers how to handle specific extensions.
  • Extra: a module containing scripts and programs that are useful in managing your site and files.
CloudFlare Tools

CloudFlare is a tool chest for supercharging your website. It accelerates and protects any website online and provides the following menu items:

  • CloudFlare
  • CloudFlare Status
  • CloudFlare Security
  • CloudFlare Performance
  • CloudFlare Analytics
  • CloudFlare Support
Database Tools

Databases are tools for managing your databases as:

  • MySQL: a database that allows you to store a large amount of information in an easy to access manner.
  • MySQL Database Wizard: gives help with database applications.
  • phpMyAdmin: is a database management tool.
  • Remote MySQL: allows external web servers to access your MySQL databases
Domain Tools

Domains present tools for your domain management as:

  • Subdomains: are URLs for sub-sections of your website, i.e.
  • Addon Domains: are additional domains hosted on your account and points to a subdomain.
  • Parked Domains: are other domain names on your hosting account and pointed to your website.
  • Redirects: allow you to redirect a specific page to another page.
  • Simple DNS Zone Editor: a light weight tool for managing your DNS zone.
  • Advanced DNS Zone Editor: an extensive tool allowing you to control the way in which DNS functions—ties domain names to IP addresses.
File Tools

Files give you tools for managing your website files on your hosting server as:

  • Backups: are tools allowing you to copy your website and/or server files to another location for security.
  • Backup Wizard: a tool helping with backup procedures.
  • File Manager: a tool allowing the access to your server files for management purposes.
  • Legacy File Manager: another file manager tool.
  • Disk Space Usage: shows disk usage totals for your account’s directories and all of its databases, not for individual files or databases.
  • Web Disk: allows you to manage, upload, and download your website’s files as though they were local to your personal computer.
  • FTP Accounts: allow you to access your website’s files through a protocol called FTP.
  • FTP Session Control: allows you to see users who are currently logged into your site through FTP and terminate any user you don't want open.
  • R!Soft Restore Backups: allows you to restore your backups.
Log Tools

Logs are system reports to help you troubleshoot and keep tabs on your account resources and overall analytics of your website. You'll use tools as:

  • Latest Visitors: displays up to 1,000 of the most recent entries in the Apache log for a given domain’s web site.
  • Bandwidth: allows you to see the bandwidth usage for your site.
  • Raw Access Logs: allow you to see who has visited your website without displaying graphs, charts or other graphics.
  • Error Log: displays the 300 most recent errors for your site.
  • Choose Log Programs: allows you to choose which statistics programs you wish to use when you view site statistics. Your service provider must enable this feature.
  • AWStats: produces visual statistics about visitors to your site.
  • Resource Usage: allows you to view any issues with your webiste.
Mail Tools

Mail is a must for smart marketers. You will have tools as:

  • Email Accounts: allows you to manage the email accounts associated with your domain.
  • Webmail: allows you to access your email from any computer that has a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Apache SpamAssassin: is an intelligent mail filter that identifies spam.
  • Forwarders: allow you to send a copy of all mail from one email address to another.
  • Auto responders: allow you to automatically send a message back to anyone who sends an email to a specified account.
  • Default Address: receives any mail that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain.
  • Mailing Lists: allow you to use a single address to send email, newsletters, and other updates to multiple email addresses.
  • Account-Level Filtering: manages filters for your main account.
  • User-Level Filtering: manages filters for each user.
  • Email Trace: allows you to review email delivery attempts for your account.
  • Import Addresses and Forwarders: allows you to use two types of files to create multiple email address or email forwarders for your account.
  • Email Authentication: attempts to equip email messages with verifiable information so that your server can automatically detect the nature of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • MX Entry: part of the DNS that informs a mail client which server accepts the email for the recipient’s domain.
  • Calendars and Contacts Client Configuration: allows you to access your calendars and contacts on your personal devices.
Preferences Tool

Preferences list eight different scripts for setting your control panel for your convenience and ease of use as password, contact information, language, etc.

It also gives you control over the style of your panel as well as instructions and video tutorials to help you get started using cPanel.

Security Tool

Security helps keep your important information safe; tools include:

  • GlobalSign Installer: installs GlobalSign SSL Certificate.
  • Password Protect Directories: allow you to require a username and password when users attempt to access your site from the web.
  • IP Address Deny Manager: allows you to block a range of IP addresses to access your site.
  • SSL/TLS Manager: allows you to generate SSL certificates, certificate signing requests, and private keys.
  • SSH Shell Access: allows you to perform secure file transfers and remote logins over an encrypted internet connection.
  • HotLink Protection: prevents other websites from directly linking to specified file types on your website.
  • Leech Protect: controls whether users can give out or publicly post their passwords for restricted areas of your site.
  • GnuPG Keys: uses a public key to encrypt messages—only the intended recipient, who holds the key, can decrypt the message.
SEO and Marketing Tools

SEO and Marketing tools are a must for the website owner who wants to improve her or his website and grow an online business.

You will use tools as :

  • Get In Goggle
  • SEO Tools
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • One-Click Site map
  • Link Building
  • SEO Tips
  • Goggle Website Services
Software and Services Tools

Software and Services, as Advanced, are tools used mostly by programmer or developer enthusiasts who look for advanced features, such as:

  • CGI Center: includes pre-installed CGI to use on your account.
  • Site Software: manages update notices for all your installs.
  • Perl Modules: are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl.
  • PHP Pear Packages: are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in PHP.
  • PHP Configuration: a screen showing you your PHP configuration settings.
  • Ruby Gems: are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Ruby.
  • Ruby on Rails: use the Rails framework so you can run these applications, like any other application.
  • Optimize Website: optimizes the performance of your website by tweaking the way Apache handles requests.
  • RVSiteBuilder: a popular website builder.
  • Installation: software designed to manage, enhance, or add functionality to a website.
  • Fantastico: automatically installs any of the scripts listed in the software.
  • Softaculous: is a leading auto installer of software scripts.
Web Applications Tools

Web Applications features 3rd party software applications for quick reference and easy installation.

These tools are featured tools from the other tool boxes. Some software that's featured may be ownCloud, MediaWiki, Magento, LimeSurvey, Joomla, Gallery, and/or Drupal.

Different tools may be featured at different times.

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