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About Favicons

The word Favicon is made up of two other words: Favorite and Icon. Favicons are small, measuring only 16px by 16px, and resembles a small icon. They were first supported by Internet Explorer to identify websites that were book marked in Microsoft's Favorites folder. So, from that, we get Favorite Icon or Favicon.

A browser displays your Favicon in its address bar just before the website's URL or on the browser's website tab. The Favicon identifies the website as seen in the snapshots below.

Browser tabs showing FaviconsGoogle Chrome browser showing Favicon on tabs. The URL shows security lock.


Favicons shown in browser window Internet Explorer showing Favicon in address bar and website tab.

Benefits of Using A Favicon

Here is a random list of reasons for having a Favicon for your website:

Favicon Pricing

Favicons are priced at $35 each.

Clients with an Inphase hosting plan receive a 15% discount. Use WSF15 at checkout.

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