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Inphase prefers the more modern sites, having flat page elements and a lot of breathing room. It gives your site a look of freedom, quick response to your visitors, and the impression of displaying only the most important information.

That's what we prefer, but we realize it is your site: we will try to build it the way you want it.

The following strategy describes how we keep our design costs down and accomplish the site you want.

Website Design Strategy

Inphase follows the same strategy that other design professionals have recommended for years. If you design your own website, you are encouraged to follow the same strategy to ensure you get a workable site. Here is the process with a brief explanation of each step.

1. Gather All Your Content

Your content is the most important aspect of your design. Everything that might be used for the site should be considered and then omitted later if not wanted or needed.

Inphase helps you with your content by asking you questions and getting you to think about the information you want on your site. Inphase will also do research and write articles for your site.

2. Establish Your Requirements

Website design requirements enumerate the tasks you want your site to accomplish. It also states the purpose of your website. The purpose puts you on a path in the right direction. The requirements keep you on your path and lets you know if you completed your journey true to course.

You can help Inphase get a better grasp of your website requirements by completing and submitting a website questionnaire.

3. Set A Theme for Your Site

The theme of your website identifies the distinct and unified subject of your website, considering things as color, fonts, icons, etc. It lets the designer know how you want your site to talk to your visitors and sets the mood when you communicate to them.

You can help Inphase establish your theme by completing and submitting a design questionnaire.

4. Develop The Site Structure

The structure of your website is the framework that holds all your content together. It is the overall layout that puts the content in the right place and keeps it there so it will display correctly when viewed.

Inphase gathers your content along with the Design Questionnaire and presents several examples of the better layout structures that are more suitable for your information and still meet your theme and requirements.

5. Write All HTML and CSS Code

A website is produced with HTML code (Hyper Text Markup Language), while it is styled with CSS rules (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML gives it structure and organization while CSS gives it beauty and appeal.

Once you agree with the content and theme, Inphase writes code for your website, following clean, standard and compliment coding principles recognized by W3W.

6. Test, Repair and Test Your Site

Writing code for a website can be a painstaking ordeal that can (and often does) cause mistakes.

Inphase performs extensive testing to catch and repair all mistakes. After any repair of code, it is tested again to ensure proper coding is completed. Once the unpublished site passes all test requirements, it is submitted to you for your approval.

7. Revise and Approve Your Site

The completed site is made available to you for your inspection and approval. Your requests are completed and again submitted to you for final approval.

8. Publish Approved Website

Once your approval is received, your website will be published (uploaded) to your Inphase hosted domain space unless another request has been agreed upon.

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Inphase Website Design Strategy

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