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The Importance Of Your Logo

Most new companies or entrepreneurs don't give their logos enough attention. That's understandable when you think of all the work that's required to get a business up and running. Because of time and money constraints, it's easy to overlook the importance of your logo.

Logo, as we think of it today, got its start during the industrial revolution which contributed to the advertising industry which further led to a method of combining imagery with the written page. Typefaces became ornamental, expressions on the page became bold, and products were being differentiated—or branded.

Your logo is a graphic symbol or emblem that represents your company and promotes your products or services. It is the concept—no, the final word—that can promote instant public recognition of your brand.

So, your logo is important and you should treat it accordingly.

Inphase Logo Concepts

There are several concepts one can use to come up with the right logo. Inphase follows these concepts as they are known and recommend by other professional designers.

NOTICE: Due to copyright policies, Inphase cannot display the intended logos for viewing examples. Please bear with us while we create our own examples. Thanks.



Many well known companies use only a symbol, or icon, to represent themselves. The image is abstract, but styled in a manner to give boldness and visual interest to the design. It can be a clever way of branding a company or product, but it can be difficult to make an image that conveys all the attributes of the company and promotes the right message. Some well known symbol logos are shown below:


Word Mark

The word mark (or text type) concept displays only the company's name, or the product's name as a standalone piece of artwork. The text is usually styled in a unique way which gives it a distinct image.

Word mark, or text type, logos are usually used with companies that are not well known yet and the intent is to get the companies name before the public so as to become known and recognized. Overtime, as seen by the examples below, the logo can become a household item.


Letter Mark

Letter mark, sometimes called 'letter form' logos, use the company's initials rather than the name.

This type of logo is used when the initials can better illustrate the company graphically than the full name can, or if the name is too long. A sample of letter mark logos are shown below:



The Emblem logo encases the company name or initials within a frame or background design. It gives the appearance of a badge or seal which gives the logo a sense of permanence. It's good for giving an image of staying power, endurance, or resilience.

By viewing the examples below, you can see why the individual companies chose this design style for their logos (first row has names; second row uses initials).



Combination logos, as the name suggests, may combine any of the previously mentioned styles to make one logo. Each element of the design can stand alone, giving your logo an icon plus a name. Here are some good examples:


Logo Pricing and How To Order

All logo styles are priced at $80 per logo (hosting clients receive 10% discount).

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