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All the Bells and Whistles!

They can promote interest.

Or, they can distract.

We suggest that you keep your bells and whistles to a minimum. Don't over do it!

Sliders & Buttons

Other Design Services

Other design services refer to those designs that are above and beyond the normal website design. When Inphase designs your website, it guarantees that you will have a beautiful and functional website. The site will be clean and uncluttered with special effects. That policy helps keep the design price down so everyone who wants a website can afford it. If a person wants special effects, he or she can add as many as feasible, but they will add to the cost of the initial design.


Remember. Animations move. And distraction is directly proportional to movement. The more movement you have on a web page, the more distraction you cause. Keep your animations to a minimum for best results.

And remember, animations as Flash slide shows are not part of the initial design process. It's the only way we can keep the design cost to a minimum for some of our clients.

Slide shows

Slide shows can be an effective way to communicate if the photos are personal and relate to your subject. It's best to keep your photos between 5 to 7 slides to prevent a slow-loading page, at which visitors tend to get annoyed.

Inphase slide show design includes up to 7 photos, any edits or resizing that must be made, and Web optimization.
$42.00 for 5 to 7 slides


It's best to keep logo movement simple. Intricate and involved animation can be costly. A slight, but noticeable, movement can have a great effect and draw attention.
$85.00 for logo + animation


Visitors don't mind if buttons have movement as long as they are not moving when the page becomes first viewable. If the visitor has control and can activate the button to cause the animation, it can create a nice user experience.

Inphase creates simple movement on navigational buttons when it designs your website. The button animation discussed in this section talks about special movement or affects. $35.00 for set of 5 buttons


As banners contain special sales, promotions, or other important communications, they are placed strategically on your web page. Inphase will create any size Web banner for your website.
$8.00 each banner


Icons are the small visual representations of something on your website. They are used to create interest, visual effects, and call to actions.
$1.50 per icon


Photos can play an important part of your website as they can create visual interest. But poor, fuzzy photos can make the best site look cheep and unfinished. Inphase will touch up, edit, and optimize your photos for the Web.
$12.50 each photo for 600 px by 600 px—larger photos subject to higher price

Power Point Presentations

Power Point is a MS presentation program that uses graphics in the form of a slide show. It is used widely in business meetings and classroom settings where the presentation can be made into a photo album with music or narration. The presentation may also be published to a website, burned to a CD or DVD, or sent by email to be viewed.
Price please call first—817-861-0985

Web page Templates

Templates are in the making and will be listed at a later date. For details, contact or call 817-861-0985.

PDF Documents

PDF Documents provide a means of professional correspondence. They work well with text or photos and can link to a website and be viewed as a web page.
$5.75 per document; $11.25 if Inphase supplies a photo


Putting your design on paper is an excellent way to promote and market your website. Inphase designs all types of pamphlets for your marketing needs as business cards, fliers, brochures, door hangers, postcards, etc.

Visit The Desktop Publishers (the name of Inphase's website) for pamphlet designing and printing services.

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