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It's a well known fact and is only reasonable that a website with the latest information attracts the most visitors.

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Management Level 1: Update

The Purpose of Website Updating

Update management is to keep your website published with fresh, current information. It is to show your visitors that you are actively engaged in the care of your website.

Updates to your Web content builds confidence in your website as visitors realize the information has changed and therefore can be trusted as being current and up-to-date. It helps to drive repeat visits to your website.

What Website Updating Covers

Management Level 1: Update includes the following:

Update Plans

What Page Elements Are Covered?

An example of page elements that can be updated under this management plan are text as words, sentences, or blocks of text as paragraphs; clip-art; logos; photos; slide show photos; form elements; banners; sales promotions and etc. Almost any element that can be exchanged one for the other, without being redesigned, can be updated.

Copyright information is changed on the first of each year and not counted as an update instance.

What Page Elements Are not Covered?

Updating does not cover any 3rd party charges as domain or SSL renewals.

Updating is not for restructuring the page or redesigning the element.

For example, the slide show itself can't be updated without a redesign, however the photos within the slide show are exchangeable and valid to be updated. The same with form elements, however the form itself cannot be updated without redesigning it.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, "Can I change this element without redesigning it?" If your answer is "No," then it doesn't fall under the Update plan of management.

But contact Inphase before you rule out a change. Let us consider your request. It may be that we can tweak the element and not redesign the whole thing.

Example of Website Update Request

As an example of Update Management, say you have a five page website which forms the following main navigation: Home, News, Products & Promotions, About Us, and Contact Us.

Most of the information on your pages will stay the same as it describes your business. But you plan on the News page to change frequently.

Management Level 1: Update will allow you to make twelve changes during a one month span (four requests times three changes per request). So, you could make the following changes to your webiste:

Benefits of Website Updating

The following list reveals several benefits of updating your webiste:

Cost of Website Updating

Update Plan 4 is $5/mo

Update Plan 9 is $10/mo

Update Plan 14 is $14/mo

Without an Update plan, a single instance for Inphase to update text is $7.50 and to update a photo is $12.50. To prepare and publish a written article is $25 (up to 200 words). If you plan on updating your website on a regular basis, you can see how much you can save with any Inphase Update plan.

If you have any questions concerning Inphase Update management program, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call 817-861-0985.

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