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A short or long-term process to get your website working so it will accomplish your online goals and improve your business.

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Management Level 3: Develop

Purpose of Website Development

Website development is to make recognizable improvements to your website. It can be a one-time improvement or a series of improvements.

The intent of development is to take your site from Point A to Point B: a movement that accomplishes an established goal to expand your site or to grow your business.

Development presents your visitors with a better and memorable visit which causes repeat visits and increased sales and business activities.

What Website Development Covers

What Is Included

Inphase Development includes Inphase Management Level 1: Update and Inphase Management Level 2: Maintenance plus almost any activity to expand or improve the function of your website as:

What Is Not Included

Any additional costs from 3rd party software programs are not covered under this management plan. An example of an extra cost would be the cost of a merchant account for an installation of a shopping cart and/or the transaction fees for money transfers.

Promotion and marketing activities are not covered by this Development plan.

Example of Website Development

For our example of Website Development, let's take a website owner who presently has a one page website published. The owner has been using this page as a brochure to advertise a product. Awareness in the product has grown and people are beginning to express an interest in it. The owner, recognizing the opportunity, makes some plans to gain some online sales from the new product.

The owner wants to:

  1. Add a Form to collect special information
  2. Get an Invoice program for time being
  3. Add several new pages to the site
  4. Make a redesign for newer communications
  5. Include eCommerce capabilities
  6. Ensure the site is responsive design
  7. Increase marketing efforts to promote the product and new site

The first five items in the above list would be included in Inphase Management Level 3: Develop. Items 6 require new design coding and item 7 requires marketing and promotional techniques.

Benefits of Website Development

Development keeps your website in a continuous state of improvement of getting better and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and newer functions. It instills a sense of professionalism in you as the owner and a caring attitude who wants to make things better for the customer.

Development expands and grows the site, so your overall business can expand and grow with it.

Cost of Website Development

Management Level 3: Develop is $34.50/mo

With Inphase Development Plan, you can make great, unheard of savings on your website development project. The guaranteed 11 hours and the $34.50 per month computes to only $3.14 per hour.

Plus with the no long-term contract, you have control over your spending and cash outlay.

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